Sabrina d'Agliano


Born in Würzburg, Germany

Studies of arts with teachers in diverse art techniques: painting, several printing techniques, metal - stone....

since 2016 several journeys to Japan

since 1992 self employed as painter, sculptor, diverse art techniques

______________ 2021 Introduction of my Video clip in the online Japanese/ German coproduction "My Moon"


2021 Co - exhibition with in the TANADA Peace Gallery, near Kyoto, Japan




2020 Publishing of the poetic travelogue in English and German as photo book: "Mokume and the art of travelling " 2018  Publication of Mokume und die Kunst des Reisens



         art award by der "Nürnberger Nachrichten"


         Publication of artust books:

         "La surface respire" in Nizza

         "L'oiseau rouge n'achève pas le ciel" in Nizza

         "Entre deux feuilles d'eau" in Nizza


2014  Publivmcation of the artist book "Elle dit Venise" in Nizza                                                            

2010  art award by der "Nürnberger Nachrichten"



Solo exhibition 2018

4. Mai - 2. Juni. Galerie Quadrige, Nizza, 14 Avenue Pauliani


Solo exhibitions 2015

 "Flowing forms" Gallery Sundermann, Würzburg

"Dancing Lines" , Galerie 21, Cologne



Solo exhibitions 2014 :

Galerie Quadrige, Nizza

Gothic Room im the Historical House, Andernach

Albertusstr. 18,   Köln, Opening and Literary Performance with Raphael Monticelli


Exhibitions since 1993